Philip is one the most inspirational managers I have had the pleasure to work with. His entrepreneurial style was reflected in his management style and I thoroughly enjoyed working for him.

Tinesh Chhaya  Head Of Education Sales UK (PS) , Kaspersky Lab

Whereas most managers will simply manage a balance sheet, or a set of metrics, Phil manages people. He is a natural leader who builds teams and get the best out of those that work for him. Phil is totally dependable, hardworking, honest and a great team player. He brings a combination of passion and considered thought to all that he does.

James Vyvyan , Director – Strategic Channels , Sophos

I have known Philip since 1996 when we were both members of a CEO Group.

The business Philip ran was extremely profitable and growing in a competitive sector, based on strong relationships with major banks and financial institutions … More than this the culture in his business was superb; literally leading edge, as a result of his leadership and character. The teamwork was second to none. Philip led the business with vision and created a trusting environment where his colleagues could and did thrive.

Philip is loyal, persistent, with strong and positive values and the most trustworthy person I have ever met.

Allan Booth – Director Active Strategic Management

Philip is an inspirational and charismatic leader who it was a pleasure to work for.

Chris Shaw – Operations Director Cendant

I have worked closely with Philip from 2 sides – client & supplier. In all our dealings he has been one of the most professional, committed and hard-working people I have known, he is extremely friendly, a good team player and a motivator.

Stuart Haining – Director, Netcallidus SEO

Philip is an excellent facilitator who has an uncanny knack for returning the most unruly of groups back to the main agenda points so swiftly and eloquently that often they don’t even notice there was a heated or passionate deviation! Philip very quickly earns the respect of those around him, irrespective of background and experience. He’s such a solid, safe and amusing pair of hands that I would recommend Philip for a Chairman or facilitation type role without hesitation.

Nigel Watson  – Owner, Q4 Solutions

Phil’s strengths are clearly his devotion to helping others succeed, focus on the task at hand and commitment to the follow up.

Andy Lopata – Best Selling Author, Speaker and Business Networking Strategist

Phil’s quiet professionalism is a standard that we should all aim for. He’s been a fantastic support for team focus sessions, and these just get better each time – not just for the people being focussed upon, but for everyone involved – Phil enables that without being obvious and with impressive success.

Barbara Saul – Internet Marketing Strategist

Phil’s presence alone is sufficient to inspire confidence and convince people to join his team: me included. He’s a shrewd judge of opportunities and people; the catalyst around which opportunities can take shape. Trustworthy in the very truest sense of the word.

Stuart Beattie – Managing Director  Black Opal Systems

When he chaired the group, I noticed just how intently he listened to the issue, directed discussion and took on board the views of those around him, before posing the killer question.

Malcolm Tullett – Director  Risk & Safety Plus

Having worked with Phil on his organisation’s website – it was a joy to work with a professional brief, and requirements document, plus Phil gives extremely good constructive feedback and is very ready to listen to feedback in the other direction. Almost a match made in heaven – but don’t tell his wife I said that!

Lesley Morrissey – Professional speech writer and commercial copywriter Inside News

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