My Background

I led multi-disciplined teams and have a strong record in operations (24/7 with 3 million customers), sales (largest account worth £15m p.a.) and the development of long-term profitable relationships with my clients (including every major UK retail bank and card issuer).

My work as a mentor and coach to Chief Executives and business owners created some extraordinary results. I ask the right questions and drill down into an issue to draw out solutions from the people I work with.

I can deliver projects from a simple relocation to a complex, multi-national product development programme, through actionable plans and the development of broad consensus.

My success in getting the best out of people saw many get promoted and go beyond their own expectations.

..and my view on our role as managers:

We have the most innovative and creative workforce in the World (bar none) – as managers and leaders it is our role to unleash that potential and help people go beyond their own expectations.

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